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  61. Priests: We won’t break seal of confession to report sex abuse
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  66. Irish violence in Western Australia
  67. ESRI reports families better off on welfare
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  69. Irish Traveller gangs raiding Irish Trucks for Diesel
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  72. Man spared jail in 'Romeo' case
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  74. Why is there Discrimination on this forum?
  75. Malcolm MacArthur released.
  76. When The State Steps In
  77. Does it ever end??
  78. German Catholics lose church rights for unpaid tax
  79. War Reparations
  80. Autism event pegged to U.N. draws story of perseverance
  81. Our independence , was it worth it ?
  82. An imaginary phone call from Shane Ross
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  84. Imagine no possessions..I wonder if you can.
  85. Imagine no religion..I'm sure you can!
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  87. Imagine the future...for children & grandchildren.
  88. Dublin Coddle and other Dublin Foods
  89. Woman who requested termination dies in Galway hospital
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  94. Are the Poor better off today
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  96. Soldiers turned killers; post-combat trauma ?
  97. Pope accuses gay people of 'denying their nature'
  98. last will and testament
  99. Strippers at Funerals
  100. Food Waste
  101. Horse meat and pig DNA found in supermarket beef burgers
  102. Drones over Ireland
  103. Anti-Semitism in Ireland Alive and Well?
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  105. Do you eat fish?
  106. A Good Government- an example?
  107. Has it ??
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  109. Did Jesus exist.?
  110. Law that Dogs must wear Seat Belts- Discuss
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  113. Are Canadians funnier than Americans and Why?
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  116. Dublin New Bridge- what name do you favour?
  117. Is Bono Losing The Plot
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  120. Hands up who cares for people.
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  122. Are Irish people racist.?
  123. Racism: What is it?
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  135. Is Aer Lingus an American Airline?
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  137. Lemon's Sweets....are they Irish?
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  140. Should the law get tougher on underage and public drinking?
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  143. Oxford defination of racism as asked for
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  146. when a poster allges
  147. Tatcher said there is no such thing as society
  148. The think I have had enough for a while thread
  149. Irish Atheists increase by 400% in ten years, survey shows.
  150. Interior design ideas
  151. Is sport the opium of the people.?
  152. The Corruption Of An Garda Síochána?
  153. Irish
  154. Carroll's to quit Grafton Street
  155. The Worlds Oldest Person
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  159. Poll: Should the Royal Family attend Easter Rising centenary commemorations?
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  163. Who existed.?
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  165. How do we stop crime?
  166. Should we legalize Cannibis.?
  167. Gaza
  168. I like JEWS.
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  170. Conspiracy Theory - Norma Jean
  171. Conspiracy Theory - Lady Diana
  172. Conspiracy Theory - JFK Assassination
  173. Conspiracy Theory - Misc.
  174. Should a person who is suffering from a terminal illness be able to end their life?
  175. UFO's Is there anybody out there?
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  181. At least 12 killed in shooting at office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo
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  184. Is all child labour wrong?
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  187. Primetime- Genesis 2 Church- drink bleach it will cure everything
  188. The Anti Halal Movement
  189. Do you exercise.?
  190. The right to have ''rights''...
  191. Paranoia
  192. Hector Grey
  193. RTÉ takes a moment to reflect on appeal of Angelus
  194. I like London /Londoners
  195. Suicide - the effect on those left behind
  196. How carefully do you protect your Privacy online?
  197. Ashley Madison Hack
  198. Drones
  199. The wearing of a Poppy.
  200. Who is accountable
  201. Do pensioners have too much political power?
  202. This was banned...in the UK ?
  203. Has PC gone too far?
  204. Should we delete old defunct accounts from the forum?
  205. What Little Lad ...What Tricks ?
  206. Immigration.....
  207. Attention Female Posters: What thread topics would you like to see more of?
  208. The end of the line?
  209. Apology, explanation and goodbye
  210. Is this the most influential Irish Person in the World?
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  220. Ibrahim Halawa is in Egyptian jail three years today, without trial
  221. Blackface
  222. People who dress dogs
  223. For the Ladies...
  224. Russian Bombers in IAA controlled airspace- Time Ireland dealth with the problem?
  225. Mary Robinson- why such a big reputation?
  226. The Pointy Finger
  227. Is Clare now a target for ISIS?
  228. What are "British Values"?
  229. "Jesus is a Palestinian"
  230. Trump- the Manchurian Candidate?
  231. Obama... The Worst President in the History of America
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  233. Radio on / Dreaming .
  234. Should the Dail get rid of its bars?
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  236. Bog Standard House for Sale
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  239. Ireland's EU Pay Back
  240. Are the Geneva Conventions out of date?
  241. EU's Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier admits 'awful lot of work to do' on issue of Ir
  242. How could Ireland deal with a London Bridge terror attack?
  243. Involuntary freedom of information .
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  245. I Daniel Blake
  246. Rape crisis centre calls for media code after George Hook show