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Originally Posted by joan mack View Post
Yes Vico Crossing water was always a good gimmick as was your going to get money. It was easy enough to spot the married men they were the ones that didn't stop at a kiss and a hug lol!

She would then ask you to make a wish and then tell you your wish would be granted in the space of 123 which could be one month one year or two or three.

We were a captive audiance ' Years later married with children I went to see Gypsy Rose Lee with some friends we were out for the night and someone suggested it, She told me I was finished my family big Liar I had two more children
I went to a reader in Templeogue in the 90s who was actually quite good. But she told me I would come into money and the number five was standing out. So I thought of the Lottery, five hundred pounds, or even five thousand. When I left her house I found five pence on the pavement outside.
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Originally Posted by joan mack View Post
An itinerant called at my home today she has been calling around the area for years, every month or so.

I started to remember Crumlin in the late fifties when they would come to our door and my friends and I dying to now what millionaire we were going to meet and who fancied us etc would borrow money and enjoy our sessions.

But my Mam and her friends started to and soon the teapot was ready and tea had to be served and a few mouthfuls taken and then a three turn of the cup leaving the used tea leafs

They were often in clusters at the top of the cup or the bottom and sometimes they formed a letter. Oh the excitement of those days and how we looked forward to our supposed changing fortunes lol! Sad when tea leaves went and we were just left with teabags and no clusters which foretold large crowds or parties,

Strangely enough the itinerant who visited My home today came one day in 2001 my Late husband who had little time for them answered the door. I went out to make sure he was not rude to her. She Clasped my hand and looked into my face and said Mam that man is very sick, He died a few months later
Hi Joan I was in Dunnes near work this morning buying teabags, they are still selling loose leaf tea in boxes today. I imagine its the same in other supermarkets. My late godfather and his wife loved making their tea this way using loose leaf and whenever I had a cuppa in their house I was bound to see tea leaves at the bottom of the cup!! Think my mum used to make tea like that when I was young. She started using teabags probably in the early 1980's.
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